About us

why choose us?

We are team of pragmatic programmers, designers and testers. Our team is passionate to build solutions for web and mobiles.

Team with extensive experience in area of the Software Development (SDLC), the Business Intelligence (BI), the User Experience (UX), the Software Testing (STLC) and the Test Automation (TALC).

We build something that can grow with you by putting your user first, while taking into account future iterations of your project so it can evolve as you need it to.


Software Development

Every business solution needs custom software to function according to its plans and goals. We have worked on custom software designs...


Mobile Apllications Development

We specialize in Healthcare, Custom e-commerce, Hotel/Restaurant, and other...


Powerbuilder Migration

he latest technological advancements have proved to be time savvy and user-friendly. Clinging on to the legacy software...


Website Design Development

We specialize in website design and have worked for websites in the field of Healthcare, Custom e-commerce, Hotel/Restaurant,...


Digital Marketing

Every business idea needs a good marketing strategy. It is vital to understand how to target your audience digitally through market and competitor research to...


Graphics & Media

Our passion for design goes beyond beautiful imagery and into the mind of the consumer, where we believe good design should solve...

Our Clients


Sandvik Asia Pvt. Ltd.

you have the best of both worlds(product and customer service). As a new client to your firm, I appreciate your software. But what I am most impressed with is the level of customer service provided by your staff. Your tech support staff has always been very friendly and helpful when I have called.

Nirma University

your program over the last 2 years. We want to thank you. We found your program be very affordable. Your technical support is highly appreciated, timely, and useful.Overall you have made System easy, and an efficient experience.


The sales staff and technical support department has been excellent and always there to support. They are eager to hear any new concerns or ideas and if possible ready to implement them into the system.